R L Kilgore

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Jan 26
Dreamy River
icon1 Ron | icon2 nature poetry, Poems | icon4 January 26, 2009 @ 7:57 pm| icon3No Comments »

Dreamy river, which way you flow concealed,
Indiscernible with the stillness of the air,
And ripples chased by the lightest breath of breeze
Belie your intent.  Only below, beneath
Your quiet surface, is your true course revealed.

Far away, on a distant mountain crest
Or sage covered prairie, your birthplace where
A single drop of rain finds its destiny,
A drip, a puddle, a trickle, a stream exploring
Each hollow and crevice, seeking unattainable rest.

Disdaining decorous shape, your surging swell
Grows, rising, strengthening, rushing, supplements
Of each gully and ravine quickening
The current to marauding pitch, undeniable,
Unyielding, nimbly accommodating each travail.

Your torrent plummets in cascades where boulders impede
Orderly passage, here quickly, there slowly, each spilllway
And eddy swirling and gushing in anguished impatience,
Single-mindedly driven, plunging in headlong
Pursuit to satisfy an ocean’s insatiable need.

Dreamy river, your tumultuous race to the sea
Now adjourned, your waters, deep and settled, have earned
This peace. Rest by my shore and warm your body.
The glistening sheen of your placid surface sparkles
Where your seminal raindrop smiles – and winks at me.


Jan 25
Rumors Dispelled
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, Poems | icon4 January 25, 2009 @ 11:31 am| icon3No Comments »

They say grass is greener
On the other side,
But that can’t be, you see.
Cause while I’m thinking that woman’s fine,
Her husband’s over there looking at mine.

They say never look
A gift horse in the mouth.
But that can’t be, you see.
Though her dad gave her away, I still
Think her mother’s not part of the deal.

They say love is sweeter
The second time around.
But that can’t be, you see.
Cause my ex-wife’s husband now knows why
He’s not a happier man than I.


Jan 17
This Wisp, Happiness
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, love poetry, Poems | icon4 January 17, 2009 @ 4:56 pm| icon3No Comments »

Love’s lofty ambition
And the measure of Heaven,
More sought than gold,
Though through golden means,
This wisp, Happiness -
Disguised to be
The siren’s caress.

No beckoning served
That demands a kiss,
Yet sweetly found
When love’s requited,
Elusive Happiness -
Pursued beyond
What we possess.


Jan 15
A Long Time Ago
icon1 Ron | icon2 personal comment, Poems | icon4 January 15, 2009 @ 9:27 pm| icon3No Comments »


Growing up in Texas.  I’m on the right and my amigo is now mayor of Rockport, Texas.

Jan 12
Just Thinking
icon1 Ron | icon2 personal comment, religion | icon4 January 12, 2009 @ 7:28 pm| icon3No Comments »

As far back as history records
there seems to be,
Even with skeptics,
A universal craving for life
To continue after death.
Religions are a means
Of organizing the afterlife
Into a form the mind
Is able to manage.
But, is the notion
of life prior to birth,
Which human senses lack
The capacity to recall,
Any greater reach?
Perhaps we are a cosmic existence
Of which life on earth
Is an interlude,
A sojourn, a vacation -
For some a pleasant week
At the beach and for others
A nightmare
Where all the flights get cancelled.


Jan 4
icon1 Ron | icon2 personal poetry | icon4 January 4, 2009 @ 6:27 pm| icon3No Comments »

My youth budded in a small town where I came 
To know the world, at least the world I saw.

In school I studied math and state capitals
But my core came from the people
Where words like wetback and nigger
Came as naturally out of the mouth as Mom
And Dad with no thought of discrimination.
I wrapped my arms around that world and held
On because it was what I had, it was mine.

That time is long since past and now I learn
From a larger world. My thoughts are about
Individuals and groups, not races.
However, some races have segments
More worthy of my contempt than others.
When this is mentioned the cry
Of racism is loud and shrill.

Decisions represent bias and discrimination -
From the person we marry to the route
We select to go to work each morning.
The self-righteous will say all are equal
And stand on this platform as pure nonracists.
But we are not all equal.  Oriental children
Come to America and in five years not only
Learn the language but win the spelling bees.
It is not an accident the fastest runners are black.

Those who attempt to suppress the realities of the world
Do a disservice of which I will not be a part.
So I am called a racist.