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Oct 20

We were best of friends, you and I.
Preoccupied, self-absorbed, I failed
To notice your insidious betrayal.
Oh, Sweet Time, what have I
Done to deserve your treachery?
You have stolen from me and
So continue. You took my youth,
And now seek my vigor, leaving
Desperate yearnings. You have 
Abandoned me adrift on a river
With a precipice approaching 
Where I cannot see the edge
But I can hear the roar.


Oct 15

1.  A famous philosopher, Immanuel Kant, as an aside said, “Poetry without rhyme is prose gone mad”.  I think poetry without rhyme is cheating, taking the easy way out.  I cheat more than I would like.  Maybe this form of writing should have its own name, something like “Prosery”.

2.  The chance of an original thought in writing, one which has not been voiced before, is remote.  About the best we can hope to do is phrase it in a different way.

3.  I believe rhyme in poetry is like sugar in coffee which leaves a sweetness lingering on the tongue.

4.  A poem is the mood and feeling of a moment, not of a life.

5.  There is a difference between seeking critical reviews and fishing for compliments.  Your writings should be found and appreciated, or not, as the reader is inclined.  The other option is that they never be found at all.

6.  Writing allows you to discuss with yourself, uninterrupted, matters which are difficult to discuss with others.



Oct 15
Lady In White
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, personal poetry, Poems | icon4 October 15, 2009 @ 8:04 pm| icon3No Comments »

                Tall and slender,
                  In white pants
            Sprinkled with sequins
      That sparkled without gaudiness,
              And a top to match,
          She moved with her partner
                  To the parquet
                In front of the band.

                Black, cropped hair
        Accentuated the white ensemble,
              She passed under the arm
                    Of her partner.
                Then swayed in time
                  With the rhythm.

      The music began pounding, pulsing
                    And she danced -
                Oh, how she danced!
                No spotlight was needed
                    For she radiated.
        Others served merely as bit players,
            Supporting cast for the diva.

            Her back upright and straight,
                A music box ballerina,
                    Chin up-tilted in
              Aloofness and confidence,
                  Lower back arched
                To emphasize buttocks,
                      An arm freed
                Of her partner stretched
                  In graceful extension,
                      Wrist flexed
                  To extended fingers,
                Held in place a moment
                  For our appreciation,
                    Then withdrawn
                In sweeping movement
            To flow into continuous motion
                  Of turns and postures,
              Performed by her svelte figure
    With hips and legs and arms and shoulders -
                  Harmonized beauty -
                    This Lady in White.

    We knew, in comparison, we would appear
        As plowboys plodding with bare feet
                So we sat, intimidated.


Oct 1


1.  A bad read cannot be overcome with a good putt.  Only a bad putt can overcome a bad read.

2.  Most golfers think they are a good putter having a bad day.  How many times do you hear someone say, “I can’t make anything today!”?  The fact is they couldn’t make anything yesterday or the day before or last year. 

3.  When a good shot occurs for us we think it is well deserved good fortune.
When it occurs for our opponent we think it is blind dumb luck.

4.  Giving golf lessons all day must be the equivalent of a psychiatrist’s listening to people’s problems all day.

5.  I have never understood, on the first tee, the hypocrisy of wishing your opponent good luck.

6.  I don’t understand how someone can derive pleasure from winning with strokes from his handicap.  If Carl Lewis gives you enough headstart you can beat him in the 100 meter dash.  What does that prove?

7.  I have never understood why people say they would “rather be lucky than good”.  It’s better to be good with some luck thrown in.

8.  How many times have you heard someone say the putts always break toward the mountains, ocean, highway, lake, etc.  Putts break the way the ground tilts and the grass grain grows with no other influence (with the possible exception of a strong wind).

9.  They say trees are 90% air.  So is a screen door.


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