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Oct 8


Like a carousel tethered to the sun,
Like a dog possessed and chasing its tail,
Hurtling into the vast abyss
Where whirling, twirling motions preside,
This earth obliges none its favor
More than air to breathe and ground to stride.
So, what of loves beyond the lust
That fashion love the sire of greed?
This world suffers naught of pride,
For it fends with issues of its own.

Feb 27
Thoughts On People
icon1 Ron | icon2 Life, Opinion, personal comment | icon4 February 27, 2011 @ 9:49 pm| icon3No Comments »

Talking about oneself rivals baseball as the nation’s pastime. Much of poetry is a prime example. If “I” and “me” were removed from vocabulary, many would have difficulty speaking.


 A child is given birth by the parents and has nothing to give in return except love. An obedient, loving child is a joy. A disobedient, disrespectful child to the obliging parents ranges from disappointment to burden to curse.

 Perhaps life on earth is Heaven and Hell, the reward or punishment side by side. Perhaps life on earth is only Heaven (or only Hell). Most likely it is neither.

 Jesus told his disciples,”………..do this in remembrance of me.” because he understood that was the ultimate they could do for him after his death. Remembrance of those we love after they are gone, and perpetuating that memory in future generations, is the ultimate gift we can give them.

 Life is a chess match and time is our opponent.

 I have observed, with a few exceptions, the less hair a man has on the top of his head the more he wants in other places.

 The savior of religions is that they are able to take any thought or event and twist it to their own ends.

 The main difference between standing in the shower and the rain is that rain doesn’t come in the right temperature.

  I always wanted to be recognized for my looks. I didn’t know it would come in the form of a senior citizen’s discount.

 I discovered today mayonnaise doesn’t readily spread on a slice of tomato.

 Have you noticed how dogs like to smell of each other’s rear ends but they don’t like for us to blow in their faces?

If we truly believe Heaven is as we say then why do we take medicines and treatments to avoid it and why do we punish murderers for sending us there?

I wonder who started the rumor Barack Obama is smart.

Capitalism is built on the backs of laborers and the laborers are better off for it.

The flaw of socialism – if the pie is divided equally no one will bake the pie.

The rich man may have more idle time but his air conditioner isn’t any cooler or his bed any softer.

The Republicans are not the party of “No”.  The party out of power is the party of “No”.

Prayer seems akin to having an imaginary friend.  There is nothing wrong with having someone to talk to, someone who will listen without interrupting.

The veracity of the deity is not as important as the strength of faith.  Faith is the reality.

The sarcasm and derision directed toward Christianity today by entertainers and the media, often disguised as humor or art, is actually a degree of persecution which Christianity has endured since its inception.

I suspect, no matter how obnoxious or offensive, every person considers himself or herself a misunderstood good guy.


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Jan 18

Regardless of the church one attends,
    Or whether one attends at all,
Integrity and honor and all that is good
        Comes from a noble heart
              And not a religion.


Jul 10


                  (To Toressa – After 44 Years)

Beauty came in the guise of innocence
And wrapped her arms around our youthful days
Until the lust we recognized as love
Sang its final song and departed.

I remember it well.

The grass was smooth and soft under our feet
And the days were long enough that nights had only
Time enough to cool, and cover our passions.
And love came easily, like apples in a laden orchard,
Easily plucked and delicious but now indistinguishable
As birds flying in flock, flitting and sweeping,
So all blend together and become the whole.

Still we remain, you and I, lovers
Regardless the accumulated years.
No evening finds its heaven filled with stars
More faithfully inclined – maybe the language
Of an unknown tongue can answer why, or,
Perhaps, the reason lies in the silence
Of a falling snow.







Jun 21

Born naked and bleak in a cold north wind
To plunder gold from Autumn’s attire,
Winter comes with a skeleton-toothed grin
And icy minions on a ruthless hand.

Each Season finds itself, in order,
Victim of immutable fate,
But life struggles desperately to grasp,
Over nature’s will, another breath.

So Autumn leaps on back the wind
Like a rodeo cowboy rides.
Defiant spurs gouge bucking gusts
To wipe away the skeleton’s smirk
And let the interloper know
Leaves will fall when Autumn decides.

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Apr 18
The veracity of the deity is not as important as the strength of faith. Faith is the reality.



Jan 9
Opinion on Congress
icon1 Ron | icon2 Opinion, personal comment | icon4 January 9, 2010 @ 11:01 pm| icon3No Comments »

The Republicans are not the party of “No”.  The party out of power is the party of “No”.



Jan 3
We Know
icon1 Ron | icon2 death, immortality, Opinion, Poems, poetry about age | icon4 January 3, 2010 @ 2:02 pm| icon3No Comments »

In the span of eternity,

Sixty seconds, sixty years,

Mere specks of no consequence

But for consciousness of those

Who perceive their own demise.



Nov 10
Freedom of Religion
icon1 Ron | icon2 Opinion, personal comment, religion | icon4 November 10, 2009 @ 8:17 pm| icon3No Comments »



      Freedom of religion was envisioned by our forefathers to be the allowance of worship of God as presented in the Bible by whatever means a person wished.  When they said “separation of church and state” they wanted to ensure the government did not dictate the manner in which that God was worshipped.  However, it is obvious they wanted the inclusion of a “Biblical God” in government by their frequent references to God in the founding documents.  Other religions in America and Europe at that time were of such small measure to be of little consequence.  I doubt any of those men dreamed of what was to come.

     First, the atheists.  Atheism is a sort of religion.  As in Christianity and Judaism where there is a belief by faith that there is a God, the atheists believe by faith that there is no God.  Both beliefs are by faith because neither can be proved.  Atheists were not new to our forefathers but the voice they have today, aided by a liberal judicial system, would astound George Washington and his colleagues.  The strict interpretation of the separation of church and state being applied to our institutions and lives today will serve to weaken the core “Judeo-Christian” values on which our country was built.  References to God are being stricken from our government buildings and public schools, and the traditional institution of marriage between a man and woman is being assaulted (it would be simple enough for gays to have a civil union recognized by law to serve their needs).  These changes are being pressed by vocal minorities with special self-interests not in keeping with the welfare of our nation.

     However, the main threat to our doctrine (and Law) of freedom of religion is the growing presence of the Islamic religion in the United States (and the world).  This is a religion centered around the God of the Koran which has its own laws and dictates.  The problem comes when Islamic peoples place their religious laws above those of our government.  Their allegiances are to Islam and not America.

     Our free society allows Muslims to live in America and some openly express their contempt for us and their desire to destroy our country.  We cannot know what is in the mind of one so that brings into question the thoughts of all.  These Muslims are protected by our laws now, but how long will the American people allow the protection to continue?  Herein lies the coming breech in our venerated Freedom of Religion.

                                                                                           rlkilgore@chartertn.net          2009


Oct 15

1.  A famous philosopher, Immanuel Kant, as an aside said, “Poetry without rhyme is prose gone mad”.  I think poetry without rhyme is cheating, taking the easy way out.  I cheat more than I would like.  Maybe this form of writing should have its own name, something like “Prosery”.

2.  The chance of an original thought in writing, one which has not been voiced before, is remote.  About the best we can hope to do is phrase it in a different way.

3.  I believe rhyme in poetry is like sugar in coffee which leaves a sweetness lingering on the tongue.

4.  A poem is the mood and feeling of a moment, not of a life.

5.  There is a difference between seeking critical reviews and fishing for compliments.  Your writings should be found and appreciated, or not, as the reader is inclined.  The other option is that they never be found at all.

6.  Writing allows you to discuss with yourself, uninterrupted, matters which are difficult to discuss with others.



Oct 1


1.  A bad read cannot be overcome with a good putt.  Only a bad putt can overcome a bad read.

2.  Most golfers think they are a good putter having a bad day.  How many times do you hear someone say, “I can’t make anything today!”?  The fact is they couldn’t make anything yesterday or the day before or last year. 

3.  When a good shot occurs for us we think it is well deserved good fortune.
When it occurs for our opponent we think it is blind dumb luck.

4.  Giving golf lessons all day must be the equivalent of a psychiatrist’s listening to people’s problems all day.

5.  I have never understood, on the first tee, the hypocrisy of wishing your opponent good luck.

6.  I don’t understand how someone can derive pleasure from winning with strokes from his handicap.  If Carl Lewis gives you enough headstart you can beat him in the 100 meter dash.  What does that prove?

7.  I have never understood why people say they would “rather be lucky than good”.  It’s better to be good with some luck thrown in.

8.  How many times have you heard someone say the putts always break toward the mountains, ocean, highway, lake, etc.  Putts break the way the ground tilts and the grass grain grows with no other influence (with the possible exception of a strong wind).

9.  They say trees are 90% air.  So is a screen door.


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Sep 19
icon1 Ron | icon2 love poetry, Opinion, personal comment, personal poetry, Poems | icon4 September 19, 2009 @ 10:00 am| icon3No Comments »

The cautious woman window shopping
Pauses, then passes on,
Time is not a patient fool
To dally very long.

For some tomorrow is a distant thunder
Whose storm they cannot see,
For some tomorrow is a candy store
Whose shelves may be empty.

Some in a life will never know
The taste of a lingering kiss,
The brush of fingers across their cheek,
A moment such as this.






Aug 31

If death were as peaceful slumber
Sailing on a gentle sea
With cooling warmth from summer breezes
And lying there were she with me
To fill love’s idyllic dreams,
Ambrosia for eternity,
Then hasten coming of that day.


Futility begs a minute glimpse,
By means worldly senses lack,
To dispel musings wary
Of conjecture’s wishfulness
Gauging immortality -
But certainty is today’s possession
And there reason enough to tarry.




Jul 29
Two Worlds
icon1 Ron | icon2 Opinion, Poems, poetry about age | icon4 July 29, 2009 @ 5:00 pm| icon3No Comments »

 A pleasant seat of a sidewalk cafe
Over mocha coffee and a crème brulee
Amidst genteel ladies and white tablecloths
And, unobstructed, a view across
An elm studded park with closely mown grass
Nestled between urban concrete and glass -
Serenity in a turbulent sea.
Why then would young mothers draw their children near,
Not for cuddling but with presence of fear?

He shuffled up the walk with seemingly no mind
Of those around who avoided a sign
That would draw his attention and likely request
For money. (In order to lessen the chance,
Avoiding eye contact works the best).

    The Downtown Salvation Mission Retreat
    Serves those of his ilk just down the street.
    By day their throngs disperse like flies
    In summer heat to shadows and shade
    And reappear as evening tides
    Pull them as cattle to trough,
    Obliged to give their souls in trade
    With prayer for another meal.

Between stocking cap and jacket collar
His face stained brown from dirt on dirt
And deep lined crevices dark from squalor
Gouged by wind and cold,
He fumbled at his pocket for a lone cigarette,
Fingers shaking with the paper matchbook,
Searching which end to strike,
Oblivious to the time he took -
A three minute ordeal for a ten second task.
And quivering lips sunken from too few teeth
Sucked as discreetly as obvious would allow
From a brown paper bag, the poor man’s flask.

     Judge him and judge him harshly,
    Whatever loves he might have known
    Lie squandered in another life
    Through no fault but his own,
    And dread from fear of tomorrow
    And sorrow over times long now gone
    Extend no further than this hour.

He paused, unaware the blight he posed
obstructing the tranquil view of those
who sipped mocha coffee over white tablecloths
and spoke of coming weather









Jul 24

They say love is sweeter

The second time around,

But that can’t be, you see.

Cause my ex-wife’s husband now knows why

He’s not a happier man than I.





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