R L Kilgore

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Jun 12

Attributes and foibles
Hold no uniqueness of their own,
But, rather, varied combinations
Allow us each to stand alone.

Of all the myriad of loves,
More hurtful than to be forsaken
Ranks the one that’s unrequited
With less given than is taken.

To entice another’s favor
Are affected virtues shown.
But truest measure of affection -
Will you miss me when I’m gone?


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Jan 18

Regardless of the church one attends,
    Or whether one attends at all,
Integrity and honor and all that is good
        Comes from a noble heart
              And not a religion.


Jun 26
Eyes Of The Moment
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, Poems | icon4 June 26, 2010 @ 11:11 am| icon3No Comments »

Inconvenient downpour interrupts

Play of the little fellow sitting

On the floor, pouting because

The swing outside hangs slack.

He sees through eyes of the moment,

Not knowing somewhere sits

Another boy whose father works

In the store where the handy man

Buys groceries with money

He earns mowing our lawn

Nourished by the rain.





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Oct 15
Lady In White
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, personal poetry, Poems | icon4 October 15, 2009 @ 8:04 pm| icon3No Comments »

                Tall and slender,
                  In white pants
            Sprinkled with sequins
      That sparkled without gaudiness,
              And a top to match,
          She moved with her partner
                  To the parquet
                In front of the band.

                Black, cropped hair
        Accentuated the white ensemble,
              She passed under the arm
                    Of her partner.
                Then swayed in time
                  With the rhythm.

      The music began pounding, pulsing
                    And she danced -
                Oh, how she danced!
                No spotlight was needed
                    For she radiated.
        Others served merely as bit players,
            Supporting cast for the diva.

            Her back upright and straight,
                A music box ballerina,
                    Chin up-tilted in
              Aloofness and confidence,
                  Lower back arched
                To emphasize buttocks,
                      An arm freed
                Of her partner stretched
                  In graceful extension,
                      Wrist flexed
                  To extended fingers,
                Held in place a moment
                  For our appreciation,
                    Then withdrawn
                In sweeping movement
            To flow into continuous motion
                  Of turns and postures,
              Performed by her svelte figure
    With hips and legs and arms and shoulders -
                  Harmonized beauty -
                    This Lady in White.

    We knew, in comparison, we would appear
        As plowboys plodding with bare feet
                So we sat, intimidated.


Jul 24

They say love is sweeter

The second time around,

But that can’t be, you see.

Cause my ex-wife’s husband now knows why

He’s not a happier man than I.





Apr 15

A few will understand this, many will think
they do and some will haven’t a clue.


                      Every man in a life
       Should know the love of a woman given as her joy,
A love with passion sustained beyond the night,
          Each day a melody made sweet
With love more devoted than to its own breath,
      That soars above the surface of self
And breaches the gates of heaven so any man,
       Fool as he might be, may see within.
     A love when lost, as in its time it shall,
                   Never to be again.



Apr 12
Two Old Men
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, Poems, poetry about age | icon4 April 12, 2009 @ 8:43 pm| icon3No Comments »



Two old men together
In a small cafe downtown
Near the corner talked
About good old days.
They talked of being in the same
First grade and their competitions
Through the years of school,
Competitions for grades
Where one became salutatorian
And on the football field where
One starred as the receiver.

They talked of competition
Over girls, especially Sarah
Whom one eventually married
While the other remained a bachelor.

They talked of their businesses and
Accomplishments, each proud
In his own way of his.
Two old men in a cafe together,
One drinking coffee served by the other.







Mar 20
Time and Anguish
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, Poems, poetry about age | icon4 March 20, 2009 @ 8:27 am| icon3No Comments »

Not so unlikely cousins, time and anguish,
One of which there’s not enough and the other
In abundance. If I could I would
Chose to hibernate, to sleep away
The pain and steal for life another day.

I would cling like the dew forming
Drops to fall from petals at my leisure,
Denying morning’s regimented haste
To press the scheme of day, and rather bask
Contentedly, defiant of the dawning’s task.

I would seek to lie in restful slumber
If it portrayed in glimpse eternal rapture
Free of tedium, binding the eagle’s flight
With constraints only the heavens endow,
Free to soar wherever dreams allow.





Feb 19
Passing By
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, nature poetry, Poems | icon4 February 19, 2009 @ 11:00 pm| icon3No Comments »

            I paused my walk of a hillside path
                To catch the morning glow,
              A distant crest with haloed sun             
                  And valley spread below.

            Close by flowers of yellow and red,
                  Dispersed in fields of grass,
              Gently swayed belying the breeze
                Stiffened by Springtime’s grasp.

              My eye lulled first on those nearby
                  Then rose above the crowd
        Where colors flowed and, blending as one,
                  Showed less bold and loud.

              Contented, I left my mind at ease,
                    Unfocused eyes to stare,
            With naught but feel the hand of God
                    Through my tousled hair.

              Suddenly, in flurry of wings and wind
                    A covy of panicked quail
              Exploding in flight from unseen peril
                    Startled me from my spell.

            When next I looked the sun’s full bloom
                    So reigned in blinding splay,
                The tranquil scene before now gone,
                      I turned and walked away.


Jan 25
Rumors Dispelled
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, Poems | icon4 January 25, 2009 @ 11:31 am| icon3No Comments »

They say grass is greener
On the other side,
But that can’t be, you see.
Cause while I’m thinking that woman’s fine,
Her husband’s over there looking at mine.

They say never look
A gift horse in the mouth.
But that can’t be, you see.
Though her dad gave her away, I still
Think her mother’s not part of the deal.

They say love is sweeter
The second time around.
But that can’t be, you see.
Cause my ex-wife’s husband now knows why
He’s not a happier man than I.


Jan 17
This Wisp, Happiness
icon1 Ron | icon2 happiness, love poetry, Poems | icon4 January 17, 2009 @ 4:56 pm| icon3No Comments »

Love’s lofty ambition
And the measure of Heaven,
More sought than gold,
Though through golden means,
This wisp, Happiness -
Disguised to be
The siren’s caress.

No beckoning served
That demands a kiss,
Yet sweetly found
When love’s requited,
Elusive Happiness -
Pursued beyond
What we possess.